TradeMark Allen

The Complete Detail


The Complete Detail aims to restore the interior of your vehicle while preserving the shine of the exterior. Along with the Mini Detail, the Complete Detail includes the shampooing of carpet flooring to remove any stains and excess dirt. The shampooing of upholstery seats is also included with the Complete Detail but can be subsituted for our leather care packag if your vehicle has leather seats. The Complete Detail also includes our synthetic polymer sealant wax to produce a noticeably deeper, more reflective paint finish. This service generally takes about 2 hours to complete based on normal soil conditions. 

  • Includes the Mini Detail AND
  • Interior Shampooing of Carpet Flooring
  • Cleaning and Conditioning of Seats
  • Synthetic Polymer Sealant Wax 
  • *Large Vehicles & SUVs $10 extra